Inverted triangle swimsuit
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Inverted triangle. cone. strawberry. Whatever you call this body type, it's far more common than you might think! Knowing the best swimsuit styles and cuts for your body shape can make buying a swimsuit faster, easier and more valuable. So, if you have an inverted triangle shape, learn how to pick a swimsuit that defines your waist, balances your proportions, and shows off your gorgeous legs.

Do you have an inverted triangle body type?
custom push up bikini What does it mean to have an inverted triangle body shape anyway? Well, shoulders are usually wider than hips for this body type. Inverted triangle shapes don’t have a defined waist, but don’t worry — these shapes often have long legs and a fuller bust to compensate for those less defined curves in the middle of the torso. Inverted triangles tend to be sportier, with the shoulders most noticeable.

Since your body proportions have greater width and fullness at the top of your torso, an important rule of thumb when choosing a swimsuit is to accentuate your hips and lower body. It's also important for women with an inverted triangle body to look for swimsuits that increase the waistline and enhance their natural curves.

Best Bikinis for an Inverted Triangle Body

personalized push up bikini Hip Ties: Try a simple bikini bottom style with side ties, like our Adjustable Loop Chic Pants. The high-cut leg openings and see-through details show off some extra skin at your hips, and the metal tie will accentuate your waist even more.

Side Parallel Gather Detail: If you want more coverage, opt for a mid-rise or low-rise style with fabric parallel gathers at the hips. We give you a humble but still sophisticated look while drawing attention to your waist and hips rather than your shoulders or chest. All eyes will be on your beautiful legs - which is certainly not a bad thing!

What about bikini tops? For an inverted triangle shape, avoid styles that give the illusion of a wider bust and shoulder area, such as strapless bandeau tops (which won't give your bust the support it needs, anyway!). Instead, choose a swimsuit top that features:

custom push up bikini topSweetheart Neckline and Thicker Straps: The classic heart neckline flatters your bust without drawing too much attention, while our tops feature built-in cups and thicker straps for extra support.

Belly Coverage: A surefire way to define your waist is to choose a two-piece swimsuit that covers all or most of your midsection. A mid-body style with pleats or ruffles will help visually define your waistline for a curvaceous look. Additionally, the upper body coverage draws the eye to the hips and legs to create more visual balance.Bild

Adjustable Backless Bras: If you want to show some skin, opt for a classic triangle bikini with adjustable bust coverage that allows you to widen the triangle for a shapely, balanced look. When choosing a triangle top, take care to avoid any large or loud accents on the chest like ties or metal accessories, as these will only divert attention from where you want it (aka your hips).

If you are also an inverted triangle shape, then you are welcome to click to enter our website, custom cards against humanity reddit there are many styles of swimwear that can perfectly show your figure! You can also customize the pattern you want or print it on it, so that you have the perfect summer swimsuit just for you!

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