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 Use ecologically degradable plastic bags to build a beautifu 
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Blev medlem: 2021 09 18, 5:10
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Inlägg Use ecologically degradable plastic bags to build a beautifu
To protect the environment, start with Paper Bag Wholesalers biodegradable plastic bags. In our daily life, we often hear and see the news that plastic bags hang on the treetops, get stuck in the esophagus of animals, rot in the landfill, accumulate in the corner of the city, degrade into tiny particles floating in the circulation of the ocean, causing serious environmental pollution.
biodegradable plastic bags
A lot of plastic pollution
How to deal with plastic pollution has become the number one problem of environmental governance. Plastic, originally designed for environmental protection, constitutes "incorruptible" pollution. Of the 6.3 billion tons of plastic produced before 2018, only 9 percent will be recycled and another 12 percent will be incinerated, Paper Bag Wholesalers according to statistics. The remaining large amount of plastic is difficult to be degraded, and can only be buried, burned and other ways to gradually enter the ecological cycle, in the land, water pollution, but also a serious threat to the health of human beings and other living things.
At this time, many people are proposing to replace plastic bags with cotton bags or paper bags. But you know what? Although plastic bags are difficult to degrade, they require very few resources to manufacture and transport. Plastic bags have lower carbon emissions, waste production and by-products than cotton or paper bags. Plastic bags are not only recyclable, but also cheap, which may be the reason why they are so ubiquitous in our life.

Use ecologically Paper Cup Manufacturers
Bid farewell to the plastic pollution around, the implementation of plastic ban, plastic limit is imminent. Some people may find it inconvenient not to have plastic bags, or too much trouble to carry their own shopping bags when going out, but it is known that the total amount of plastic waste entering the ocean can circle the earth 420 times every year. Facing the contradiction between the huge market demand for plastic bags and the increasingly severe environmental problems at present. With the introduction of restrictions on plastic in various countries and regions, ecological degradable plastic has become one of the best solutions to solve the environmental pollution of plastic.
The performance of ecological plastic products is the same as that of ordinary plastic products. In the natural environment, the polyethylene plastic which originally needed hundreds of years to be degraded can be accelerated to be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter through natural action in just a few years, so as not to have any adverse impact on the environment.

Hyde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing ecological degradable plastic bags to solve the problem of plastic pollution today. The company has advanced paper cup production line, skilled technical workers and efficient mechanized assembly line. Green, environmental protection and sustainable development are the irreversible trend of our times and the way for us to live in harmony with the earth. It doesn't have to be a hero to save the planet. It's likely to be the details in your daily life and mine. Start from daily life, refuse to use non-degradable plastic products, choose ecological degradable plastic bags, paper bag suppliers so as to protect our living environment and our earth.

2021 09 18, 5:11

Blev medlem: 2021 09 18, 5:10
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Inlägg Re: Use ecologically degradable plastic bags to build a beau
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2023 01 10, 4:50
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