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 Different ways to wear a triangle bikini 
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Inlägg Different ways to wear a triangle bikini
Triangle bikini tops have been a staple of swimwear fashion since their invention in the late '40s, and for good reason. It's a timeless multi-wear bikini that fits many body types and often finds its way into eco-friendly capsule wardrobes and suitcases for many globetrotters.
While the style itself is perfect, the triangle bikini top can also be worn in a variety of ways, making it perfect for shoppers who can't decide which look they like best. We're taking a deep dive into different ways to wear bikini tops so you can keep your look fresh without breaking the bank.

1. Classic
custom bikini topsThis style is suitable for all body types and is especially good for lounging at the beach or pool. However, if you plan on getting into water sports, this may not be the most solid choice. One of our favorite triangle bikini tops is the Jamaican triangle bikini top. This is a simple, classic triangle bikini inspired by the string bikinis of the 80s. The stretch, fit and long straps make it the perfect piece for a capsule wardrobe! If you're looking for an entry-level multi-wear bikini, this one is for you.

2. Hanging neck
customize bikiniBackless styles are great if you're looking for a classic, and there's a reason why they're popular. It adds an extra lift to the bust and accentuates the elegance of the neck. Just tie the top two ropes around the back of your neck and shake it! Like the classic, this style is great for casual and light activity, but if you're doing something more strenuous, like surfing, it might not stay in place. The halterneck style is a classic, but it's easy to dress up with decorative straps, and the lovely gold hoop at the shoulders makes this piece stand out no matter how it's worn.

3. Front lace-up top
custom bikini bottomsFront lace-up tops are one of our favorite variations of bikini tops - a sexy twist on the classic triangle bikini top that's super easy to pull off. All you need to do is wrap the lower straps around your back and pull the ends back to the front to tie them into a cute bow. This style is a bit sturdier than the classic and open-back styles, but we'll still put it in the light activity category.
A sexy style like this calls for a red bikini top, where the thicker top straps give it a smooth, elegant silhouette, and the gold detailing on the shoulders adds a touch of sheen to the piece. The bow tied in the front is the cherry on top!Bild

The above are the different ways to wear a triangle bikini that will keep you fresh and beautiful. If you want to buy a unique bikini for you or your friends this summer too! You can click to enter our website, custom cards against humanity reddit where you can find various styles of bikinis, the most important thing is, you can also custom design the patterns and prints you want on it, so that you have a unique high Quality bikinis that will make you the most unique presence on the beach this summer!

2022 07 19, 10:56
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